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Last Updated: September 01, 2015
Reviews: 4

We are your number one resource for information and advice on anything related to DVD copying.... Is it safe?.... Is it legal?.... Can I copy copyright DVD's I own?..........  We suggest you don't buy DVD software until you read our comprehensive reviews of top software. Taking our advice may save you hundreds of dollars on unreliable software, not to mention the frustration of buggy software wreaking havoc on your PC.

Below are the four most reliable DVD copying software available. If you have any questions about the software or this site, feel free to contact our support team.

dvd x gold - dvd copying software

Number One - D.V.D X Gold

D.v.d X Gold's policy is "if you can't understand a piece of software within the first 5 minutes, then it is far too complicated to ever be properly useful." This policy is reflected from the moment you initiate installation. The actual D.V.D copy process is broken down into simple steps, with precise instructions, so any non tech-savvy can use the software

This is by far the ultimate D.V.D shrink software, it allows you to duplicate any D.V.D, C.D, V.C.D or gaming disc, and even copies copyright protected D.V.D's.

User Rating:

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dvd wizard pro - dvd shrink

Number Two - DVD Wizard Pro

DVD Wizard Pro is our number two software for one major reason; Although the software is a very good, reliable piece of software, we found the user interface to be inferior to DVD X Gold.

The software works, it copies a range of disc formats, it's reliable (100% success rate in our tests), fast, and the copied DVD's are of the highest audio/video quality, however the software presentation is messy, and can take a little compared to DVD X Gold.

User Rating :

Click HERE To Visit DVD Wizard Pro

Number Three - Ez Dvd Copy

EZ DVD Copy is a good DVD shrink and copy application, but didn't leave our review team 100% satisfied. It includes all the standard DVD copying features, plus the option to pick and choose which files you wish to copy (good for removing subtitle files etc). When testing the software however, we found it sometimes took an unacceptably long time to complete. Inconsistent burning time can sometimes indicate unstable software. Other than this, we were happy with the performance of this software.

User Rating:

Click HERE To Visit EZ DVD Copy

dvd shrink software

Number Four - Easy DVD X

Although this software was never going to be better value than DVD X Gold, this software seemed to be a really good choice, until we had a question. After contacting support we had to wait a week until we received a rather vague reply. When purchasing software, having reliable support on hand is very important and from our particular experience, Easy DVD X past the test in every area but customer support.

User Rating:

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