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How To Copy Copyrighted Dvd

- Is it legal? How to legally backup & copyright dvds

There are many mechanisms to prevent burn copyrighted DVD. These mechanisms prevent you from copying from such CDs and copy protected DVDs. Such restrictions include CD checks, over sizing or over burning of CD, DRM, bad sectors, dummy files, illegal table of contents, and sometimes, certain physical errors. All these mechanisms need compliance with certain specific standards on burn copyrighted DVD. Lack of compliance to such standards creates many problems in copying processes.

Few specific features of burn copyrighted DVD include a check to detect presence of the software in the end user environment. Installation of this protection could have been during manufacturing of the DVD itself. This stands out as a distinguishable feature of the DVD from other unprotected DVDs. Nevertheless, application of such protection should not disrupt working of the DVD. The standard of copy protected DVDs should be at par with other DVDs in the market.

The burn copyrighted DVD should have distinguishable features. You at the end-user environment should be able to tell it out among other DVDs. In the process, copy protected DVDs carry a distinct identity but without harming the basic utility of the DVD. You could use specific hardware to distinguish between ordinary DVDs and such protected DVDs.

Copyright Features

Certain features of burn copyrighted DVDs include creation of dummy files or illegal file systems. Normally, CD-ROMs have ISO 9660-file system for organizing available space within into files and folders. Additional file system like JOLIET creates additional restrictions within the inbuilt system. Therefore, you can locate certain fake information in such file systems. The copying software copies all the files one by one into the new DVD and creates a file system therein. However, you lose all the fake and unwanted information.

There are specific sectors in burn copyrighted DVDs accessible only by its respective software. There are 2048 byte of user-data and 304 bytes of structural information in a normal DVD. The information contained includes sector number, which indicates actual location of the sector with respect to other relative positions.

The burn copyrighted DVDs use such specific fields or sectors for incorporating incorrect EDC/ECC. EDC refers to error detection code and ECC refers to error correction code. These are special features mainly for encoding of the user data. The drive can locate such sectors and repair the read errors on the DVDs. The copy protected DVDs use these sectors as a checklist. If copying software helps in making these sectors readable and useful, you then have a copy of the DVD. Therefore, the protection aspect of this sector is not satisfactory.

However, there is an easy solution to ensure security of burn copyrighted DVD. You can insert and have certain readable sectors between such unreadable ones. Therefore, copying software will skip these in between readable sectors as being the same as unreadable ones. The software is unable to distinguish between the sectors. Therefore, the copy does not contain all sectors and has many errors too.

Another feature of burn copyrighted DVD is the presence of sub-channels. These contain small pieces of information. Among such small channels, there exists a Q-channel. This indicates the present position of the drive in respect to the start of the CD and the present track. Although this channel is very prevalent in audio-CDs, DVDs also support this. This channel proves to be a distinguishing feature between an original and copy DVD. However, certain software can write on such Q channel too.

There are certain twin sectors on burn copyrighted DVD. Each of these twin sectors seeks the address from the other. Normally every sector states its original and relative position according to the corresponding sector headers. While trying to seek or retrieve the other twin sector, the drive has two options. It returns to base if it is to seek the original content. Otherwise, sector’s twin foobar returns if the drive has to go backwards.

In case of a burn copyrighted DVD, you can position the drive behind a particular sector say 6553. If you read from there, the foobar version appears. While trying to copy from such DVD, software skips the twin sector and proceeds to seek 6554. Although there are various preconditions for occurrences and existence for such twin sectors, the total process takes lot of time. Many argue that it is impossible to use such protection technique, yet it does exist in certain quarters.

Normally, burn copyrighted DVD requires presence of two programs. These programs are DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter. Burning a DVD is a simple process. Install DVD into DVD reader and open DVD Shrink program. This alters target size in the edit preferences to help it fit within the available space. Rather, everything needs to fit within a single DVD.

The open disk option for burn copyrighted DVD does a quick analysis of all the available information, normally within three minutes. Thereafter, you can highlight everything in the left column and press back up. You can thereafter select the back up target to create the image with DVD Decrypter.

You have to choose location of output files in the burn copyrighted DVD and thereafter press OK to confirm. The saving process could take anything from twenty minutes to more than one and a half hours. However, it depends on the speed of your computer and the DVD too. Take off the DVD and insert a blank DVD, pushing the button of the DVD encryptor. This burns the DVD and produces the relevant copy.

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