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A DVD decoder is a tool to undo the encoding of any information.

This is a simple process to get back your original data. You encode necessary data or information into your PC to have the necessary back up of essential inputs. With DVD decoder, you can reverse the process and regain the original information. However, you need to conduct specific digital processes for the final conversion to take place.

DVD decoder is essentially a multiple-input and multiple-output logic circuit. It converts coded inputs into coded outputs but with different input and output codes as present in BCD and n-to-2n decoders. You need inputs to be on the decoder for proper functioning. Otherwise, the decoder assumes a single disabled output code word. 7 segment display, data multiplexing, and memory address decoding are common applications needing decoding of data.

Installation of DVD player on your PC necessitates installation of DVD decoder too. Normally, DVD movies are in MPEG-2 format. MPEG-2 is a technology to compress the video. However, you need to decode the available format to view the contents easily. This is where the decoder performs its function by taking the MPEG-2 movie from the disk and allowing you to view it on a monitor or a television screen.

Types of Decoders

There are two types of DVD decoder:  Hardware and Software decoders. You can use either of them according to their suitability to your system. Hardware decoder is in the form of a card. You can install this card into your PCI slot. Thereafter, all decoding processes occur on the card instead of your CPU. Common among such decoders are Sigma Designs, Video Logic, and Creative Labs.

Hardware DVD decoder is in use normally in the older PCs.

You need to have a minimum 133-MHz Pentium processor with 16MB of RAM for efficient working of the decoding system. If your PC has a 500-MHz Pentium II processor or even a slower system than that, you can use such a decoder to get a better video playback.

This DVD decoder helps you view your DVD while working on some other applications on your PC too. Otherwise, such decoder helps you view your DVD on a television screen. Nevertheless, you need a proper graphics card with TV output for such viewing. As DVD playback takes up many CPU cycles, it is best to close all applications and other programs before viewing your DVD. This ensures clear display.

Many advocate use of such hardware DVD decoder as you can watch your DVD through S/PDIF AC3 audio connection. It also helps in keeping the CPU free for other tasks. Nevertheless, such a decoder is not flawless. It takes up a PCI slot and you may already have different cards for TV and S/PDIF AC3 connectors. Therefore, video quality also suffers and is not at par with the software decoders. Additionally, it does have any support for different regions.


Software DVD decoder is a software program on your computer.

This program displays the DVD video. This program works through the processing abilities of your CPU. Common among such decoders are Cyber Link, Inter Video, Ravisent, and Xing Technology of Real Networks. This decoder provides an easy solution on faster machines as they outperform hardware decoders.

Most PCs have an inbuilt software DVD decoder. Besides, this costs less than hardware decoders do. They work in total compatibility with a 500-MHz Pentium II processor or anything faster than this. Pentium 4, Pentium III, and Athlon chips have in-built power to carry out the decoding function easily.

Software DVD decoder does not have specific region lock. Therefore, you can watch movies from across the world. The video quality is far better than that of hardware decoder. This decoder does not need any expansion card and functions satisfactorily within the DVD drive. Nevertheless, this decoder is not without any flaws. It does not support any connection to the television output unless if you have relevant graphics card. It takes up many CPU cycles and does not have any S/PDIF AC3 audio connection if it is not within your sound card.

A simple DVD decoder circuit has an AND gate to comply with all the ‘High’ inputs and its own output. The n-to-2n type binary decoders present many complexities. These decoders have combinational circuits to convert binary information from n coded inputs to a maximum of 2n unique outputs. Such similar decoders are 4-to-16 decoder, 3-to-8 decoder, or 2-to-4 decoder.

Normally, computers with Windows XP do not have any default settings of DVD decoder. You can check if your computer supports such Windows XP-compatible DVD decoder software. Select Run on the start menu, enter cmd in the open box, and click OK. Type dvdupgrd /detect and press Enter. If you have such decoder in your PC, it will display relevant information of the software on the dialog box. However, without any relevant software, the box displays ‘No decoders’.

DVD decoder also helps in the use of Windows Media Player. Such installation of a decoder is simpler if you already have a DVD player on your PC. Then you just need a media player plug-in. You can get such decoders from the regular vendors of DVD playback and authoring software. Such decoder is compatible on laptops and PCs with Windows XP.

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